Ways CBD Can Improve Your Yoga Practice 

Yoga is one of the best ways to improve your physical and mental wellness, but it isn’t always easy. For beginners, soreness and limited flexibility make many poses challenging. Experts may find it easy to adopt difficult poses but still struggle with the mental focus and clarity that is required to take their practice to the next level.

CBD is a popular supplement for stress relief, but most people don’t know that it can also be a powerful tool to support your yoga practice. CBD offers mental and physical benefits that can help both novices and gurus get the most out of each asana. You can find out more about the many benefits of CBD from cbdclinicals.com.

Reduce Pain and Inflammation with CBD

You shouldn’t push yourself so far in a pose that you experience pain, but soreness, stiffness, and body aches are a normal part of any exercise, including your yoga practice. For beginners, some stretches and poses may be very uncomfortable at first, and the early stages of practice require building supportive muscles which will be tender the day after a long session. Experienced yogis who do athletic sequences will also occasionally “feel the burn”.

CBD is a great pain reliever that can safely reduce soreness and discomfort both during and after yoga practice. This can make it easier and more enjoyable to keep returning to the mat. Taking CBD before yoga can increase your comfort, and it will also help your recovery afterward.

Increase Mental Clarity and Focus

Any good yogi will tell you that the mental aspect of yoga is just as important as the physical aspect. Being conscious of your body and your breath allows you to get the most benefit out of every pose. While it seems simple, just paying attention to the subtleties of your breath and posture is one of the most challenging parts of yoga.

Quieting the mind and improving focus is one of the best effects of CBD, and it can be transformative for your yoga practice. Most of us live busy lives with plenty of distractions, and we end up bringing some of those external stressors to the mat with us. Although breath meditation and yoga practice can help center your mind, sometimes it’s easy to get lost in worry or fantasy instead of focusing on the postures and letting go.

Taking CBD before a yoga session is an easy way of naturally calming the body and mind, and strengthening your innate focus. This can help you be your best self during your yoga session, and let go of some of those worries and tension. With a peaceful and focused mind, you can nail that warrior pose instead of worrying about work.

Boost Energy and Mood

CBD won’t make you feel high, but it is a natural energy and mood booster that can help you enjoy your yoga sessions more.

If you struggle to find the motivation to unroll your yoga mat for an early morning session, you’re not alone. Doing yoga before work or school can improve your day, but it’s hard to get excited about it when your eyes are barely open and you haven’t had any coffee yet. Taking CBD in the morning can reduce stiffness, calm your nerves, and improve your mood – no coffee required.

At any time of the day, CBD can reduce symptoms of exhaustion and depression that make it hard to practice yoga and improve your mood during sessions. Enjoying your yoga practice to the fullest is the best shortcut to unlocking all of the benefits. The more you enjoy practicing yoga, the easier it will be to return to it again and again, and the deeper you will progress.

Feel Blissful, Longer

CBD can prolong the happy feelings you get after practicing yoga. The natural calm and joy that follows an intense session are similar to a “runner’s high” and come from your endocannabinoid system.

The “bliss” molecule in your brain, anandamide, tends to metabolize quickly, but studies suggest that CBD slows this process down. Mixing CBD with yoga can help to prolong the relaxed, blissful feelings you have after a great session.

Integrating CBD Into Your Yoga Practice

You don’t need to smoke to use CBD, and you should not notice any kind of “high”. You can find a wide range of CBD products in the form of pills, drinks, sprays, tinctures, and gels. They all perform the same basic function, which is to stimulate your endocannabinoid system to reduce stress and inflammation.

Take CBD at least 30 minutes before yoga practice to make sure that it has taken effect. Although you should have reasonable expectations – it will not make you feel high, or instantly transform you into a seasoned yogi – CBD will improve your mood, stress levels, and concentration for your yoga session and afterward.

If reduced pain and inflammation and increased concentration and improved mood would help you progress in your yoga practice, try adding some CBD to your routine. It’s safe and easy to do, and it could be the boost you need.