While Recovering From Penile Implant Surgery, Can You Run a Marathon? 

Individuals willing to regain sexual function opt for penile implants as they are a reliable and effective way to have an erection when required. Recovery after penile implant surgery differs from one patient to another.

The Objective of Penile Implant Surgery

Penile implants are ideal for individuals with erectile dysfunction due to either hormone deficiency or aging. The implants enhance rigidity, allowing patients to have an orgasm, penetrative sex, and ejaculation with ease. The medical clinics can diagnose erectile dysfunction once they access your medical history by measuring testosterone levels and performing diagnostic imaging tests to identify related issues, including spine disease, bladder issues, prostate enlargement, or tumors. Penile implant surgery led by physicians and surgeons like marksolomonmd.com can help transgender men who may have had penis surgical construction in the past, cisgender men who may have lost their penis, or transmasculine nonbinary individuals to have an erection.

Types of Implants

There are several types of penile implants. The implants fall into two types depending on their functionality.

  • Inflatable penile implants: As the name suggests, an inflatable implant allows patients to pump to achieve an erection. The implant has a fluid reservoir placed in the scrotum or abdomen. The device becomes hard when inflated, and a control pump fills the inflatable implant. The penis achieves an erection when the fluid reaches the implant.
  • Semi-rigid penile implants: A semi-rigid penile implant stays rigid and can be bent towards the body or forward. Leaning the device forward results in an erection, allowing the user to perform the sexual act. Tilting the device towards the body conceals the penile implant, enabling the penis to remain flaccid.

Managing Pain After Penile Implant Surgery

You’re more likely to feel discomfort and soreness for up to three weeks after surgery, after which the soreness should be gone. You can purchase a bag of frozen peas or an ice pack a week before surgery to minimize the pain during recovery. It would help if you used a towel to cover the surgical area and position the pack atop the towel. Take the recommended pain and anti-inflammatory medication dose to speed up recovery. You may occasionally experience some soreness or twinges of pain for up to one year when inflating your penile implant device, which shouldn’t bother you as your body requires adequate time to adjust to the implant. Minor discomfort instances are usually a normal part of the recovery process.

Daily Life During the Recovery Process

Doctors advise their patients to limit strenuous activities during the first six weeks of recovery. You should avoid heavy lifting exceeding 25 pounds to facilitate quick recovery from the scars. Avoid driving for one week after surgery, as twisting your body may severely affect the implant. You should, however, use your judgment and avoid driving if you feel discomfort while making those movements. Avoid using your penile implant before a period of six weeks elapses after surgery, and ensure you make follow-up appointments with your doctor to accelerate the recovery process.

Coping With Recovery

It would help if you rested for several days after penile implant surgery, but most doctors recommend a daily walk of about 15 minutes a few times daily. Light exercises such as walking prevent multiple complications, including blood clots, pressure sores, and bladder infections. Assistance around the house is always crucial as you continue the recovery process. You can advance your walking after a few days with the doctor’s guidelines as your recovery progresses. You can exercise without limitations after postoperative visits, including participating in a marathon. You can engage in regular physical activities and sexual activity as you heal. You will also become familiar with the firmness, size, and timing of your erections when you start having sexual activity with a penile implant. Discussing these adjustments and changes with your partner is crucial.

Follow Up Appointments

Most doctors request their patients to visit the clinic three weeks after surgery. You’ll learn how to deflate and inflate the implant during the appointment, allowing you to run it through its complete cycle, deflating and inflating it once every day. Your next scheduled appointment occurs six weeks after surgery, and you can demonstrate to your doctor that you know how to operate the device properly. The meeting also provides a platform for any questions regarding the implant. You will also be able to utilize the device for sexual activity after that appointment. The next visit is scheduled three months after the six-week visit to ensure everything works correctly. You can schedule a yearly meeting for checkups on the implant and other men’s health concerns.

You should talk to a doctor with tons of experience if you’re considering penile implant surgery. Investigate multiple types of implants if you think this procedure can help you to achieve the desired outcomes.